The Mediterranea Restaurant Salen,
Isle of Mull PA72 6JF.


The Mediterranea Restaurant

We serve Italian cuisine with the best ingredients that are available locally using Mull or Scottish seasonal produce and good Wine.

Situated centrally on Mull in the village
of Salen
we are open April – October from 5.30pm.

To Book,

Tel: 01680 300200

6/5/18 Night after night, food is outstanding, service second to none, definitely worth more than one visit. Thank you so much for the amazing time. Alexander.

6/5/18 Absolutely fantastic, staff are Wonderfull & helpful, Janice & Alan Edinburgh.

5/5/18Very very good, food is amazing! Hope all goes well for you. 5/5/18 So tasty, great pasta.

3./5/18Excellent food, service & quality, Good Luck to you.

2/5/18 Lovely food, lovely atmosphere, best of luck in the future.

22/ 4/18 Lovely place, amazing delicious food, thank you

18/04/18 Beautiful seafood, friendly service & will highly recommend. A well thought out restaurant.

17/04/18 Dotleys Cumbria. Oasis of high quality cuisine, beautifully served. AMAZING.

13/04/18 Wallaces Cumbria. Excellent hosts, fantastic food, Thank you for an excellent evening.

11/04/18 Paul Dunstan. Ausstralia. A wonderful meal, friendly professional service.

10/04/18 Aberdeen Coyles. Best meal so far on Mull

08/04/18 Delicious food, thank you. Stewart & Katie.

06/04/18. Lovely evening, staff were friendly and food was great.

05/04/18 Lovely Staff, fine meal, lovely steak. Flolating Wilderness.

03/04/18 Nice Staff, good Meal.

02/04/18 Lovely meal. service and surroundings. Macphail. Isle of Lewis.

01/04 /18 Very good, just lovely, also beer is so good. Mibby.

31/3/18 Excellent meal, Andy & Tracy.

26/6/17 Excellent Salmon & loved the Ice Cream.

23/6/17 Wonderful dining!

23/6/17 Excellent as always.

22/6/17 Jolie (McLean) Ferrel. Wonderful, excellent food & service.

21/6/17 Absolutely delicious. R Fox Kintyre.

20/6/17 Lisa Hambrock Canada. Delicious great fun.

8/6/17 Billy G. Real good Italian food.

5/6/17 John & Val Pleasant atmosphere, gorgeous food, excellent service.

2/6/17 Fiona, Steve, Andy, Danielle. Darlington. Lovely meal thank you.

31/5/17 Joe Bell You saved our lives after a hike.

21/5/17 Paul & Fran London. Excellent service.

19/5/17 The Loyds & Colliers England. Great food & Service, Excellent meal on Mull. Thanks.

19/5/17 Susan JW Scotland Excellent food & service, Thank You.

8/5/17 F. V. Holland Very tasty & good services.

4/5/17 Val Thakham M,borough Excellent meal, best on Mull so far

30/4/17 Philiipe & friends, Delicious! Great birthday meal, thank you.

26/4/17 Helen Hemney, Perfect start to holiday.

26/4/12 Liliane, Daniel, Jesse, Carole, Mira. Excellent.

21/4/17 David Wilson, Stephen Renalle, Excellent.

14/4/17 Hilary, George & Flora, Cubria. Great spot, enjoyed the meal, Thanks

29/9/16 Lovely food, will come back for more. Ian & Clare.

27/9/16 Lovely food & service, will be back. Pauline & Florian Paris.

26/9/16 That's our third visit this year, can't fault it, absolutely wonderful, done a great job guys. Grace & Patterson Family.

21 /9/16 Wonderful food & lovely staff. John & Elaine Helsby Cheshire.

13/9/16 Super food & service. Mick & May

12/9/16 Very nice food- Delicious. Lynsay & Steven Burton

9/9/16 Excellent food Thanks. Mr & Mrs Painter

6/9/16 Lovely food , friendly staff thanks. Diane and Andrew Jenkinson Blackpool

3/916 Really good food and nice atmosphere, friendly staff- GG Essex/Suffolk

2/9/16 A really lovely meal, thanks very much. Martin & Julie

1/9/16 Fantastic food and really lovely service. thank you. The Rankins. Cumbria

25/8/16 We loved our food thank you. Tim & Janet

18/8/16 Our second visit and every bit as good as the first-Perfect in every way. Rob, Jen, Isla & Emma . Callender Scotland

16/816 Had a wonderful meal to celebrate 30th anniversary, a lovely restaurant>

14/8/16 Superb food, friendly staff & cosy atmosphere. Rob, Jen, Isla & Emma . Callender Scotland

11/8/16 Wonderful meals (visited twice) V, Liecestershire

11/8/06 Best meal of the holiday, not joking, best meal of the year. Flavours are amazing (NE Essex) 10/8/16 Very Good. Greets from Switzerland

10/8/16 Wonderful as usual, thank you,

9/8/16 Fantastic friendly service, our second week of marriage anniversary

6/8/16 Very good food, great service, nice waiters, good chef. Z&P Belgium

5/816 Everythig superb! thank you. The Falconeers

2/8/16 Great food, friendly staff, great flavours.

2/8/16 Excellent local hospitality.

1/8/16 Wonderful Scallops, delicious pasta seabass dish, thank you.

29/7/16 Great food & atmosphere. Allan & Heather.

28/7/17 Outstanding.

28/7/16 Excellent, well worth the visit, Charlie Abbot.

28/7 16 Best i have ever tasted. Luve. Perth

27/7/16 Donnelly Clan got mixed fish & Beef, both delightful, will definately return & recommend. Beatifull Scallops & fettuccine

27/7/16 Really good food, recommend Scallops, very pleasant service

26/7/16 Absolutely Delightful food, we will be back, Mandy & Slim (Stu's Tours) Derby.

26/7/16 Stacey & Mark Canada. Delicious, Thank You

20/7/16 Lovely food, excellent service.

20/7/16 Alex Fare & 7 others. Excellent food, great service, Fantastic, Thanks.

15/7/16 Jenny & Allan Hampshire. Brilliant!

9/7/16 Absolutely lovely to have this yummy meal and lucky to have been squeezed in.

8/7/16 Lovely to have locally sporced food, thank you. Jackie harris

6/7/16 Excellent food, fresh ingredients well served.

5/7/16 Very enjoyable, thank you, lovely food.

2/7/16 Best Mussels since Venice 10 years ago.

1/7/16 Pleasant place to eat, very good food.

28/6/16 Great foof & service for our 30th anniversary!

28/6/16 Excellent food, gret service, Thank You.

26/6/16 Super meal all very tasty, we will be back.

25/6/16 Tres Bon Cuisine.

25/6/16 Lovely meal -Nice Scallops!

24/6/16 A special welcome & good food.

24/6/16 V good food & friendly service. This is our 3rd visit in 7 days & we will return next year.

24/6/16 Wonderful food, beautifuly served, highly effficient service.

24/6/16 Well worth the 500 mile drive, the veggie option was really marvelous and the `pork `medalions were absolutely fantastic- thanks Philip & Elaine Shropshire.

16/6/16 Lovely special evening, you surprised us, will be back.

15/6/16 Great night, Thank You

15/6/16 An enjoyable meal.

14/6/16 Great food & service- Thank You. Alex & Geoff

14/6/16 A fabulous meal, one of the best I’ve had. Ray & Janet

12/67/16 Excellent service, food very very good and well presented, amost enjoyable experience. Ron & Loise Devon. 11/6/16 Wonderful food, lovely restaurant, staff brilliant. Janet & Paul Kelly, Cumbria.

11/6/16 Very good food, well presented & service excellent. Anne & Brendan Ireland.

10/6/16 Splendid food, lovely friendly service Thank You. Ad & Ag King Switzerland.

10/6/16 Dereck & Jane Carmarthen. Lovely meal, excellent service,

10/6/16 Once again very good extremely tasty , great look.

8/6/16 3rd visit over a period of 4years, just as tasty & satisfying as ever. Di & Chris Banks. Bedford.

8/6/16 From Switzerland to Mull was agreat decision, delicious food and great service! Ladina & George.

8/6/16 Brilliant meal once again, back next year.

8/6/16 Well done &thanks to Ricky & the team for a wonderful birthday meal.

7/6/16 Jenny & John Cooper, Glossop. An excellent meal, lovely staff. 5/6/16 Dom & 9 cyclists + big Dave. Really looked after us, excellent seafood.

5/6/16 Anne , Bury. Delicious, see you again.

4/6/16 Kerry & Ross. Wonderful dinner, staff are fab, hope to come back sooner than later

4/6/16 Dave & Diane, Bolton. Superb meal with friendly service in a pleasant setting, its been emotional!!

3/6/16 We love seafood and perfect sauces, meals were absolutely perfect, totally delicious, service amazing and wonderfully friendly. Recommend to anyone.

3/6/16 Joshua & Colin, Fantastic restaurant, food delicious and well presented. Friendly staff, will come back.

2/6/16 Fabulous meal, bean stew, bliss.

2/6/16 Great Specials, Lovely end to a brilliant week on Mull.

2/6/16 Really enjoyable, great food, well done.

2/6/16 Absolutely lovely little place, will return.

31/5/16 Lovely local Salmon. Just like it should taste!

31/5/16 Compliments to Chef.

29/5/16 Great hospitality & food.

28/5/16 A brilliant meal, gorgeous local produce done very well. Will recommend.

28/5/16. Excellent start to a holiday on Mull.

28/5/16 Lovely Thank You, will come again.

27/5/16 K & A Price. Warrington. Great food, second visit this week.

27/5/16 Willie McLean. Sea scallops excellent.

. 27/5/16 Hard, Inverness -Shire. Great Food, Spotted just as we came off Ferry.

27/5/16 Compliments to the Chef, Great Meal. A must next time on Mull.

26/5/16 E. Undfell. Saltcoat. Lasagne & scallops, Delicious.

26/5/16 Wayne Samson. Scallops Deicious.

26/5/16 K. Aspin. Wonderful food & Service.

26/5/16 F. Lorry France. Delicious, Original!

25/5/16 Lovely Vegitarian Pasta! Sue & Jim. Leamington Spa.

25/5/16 Great meal & service! Michelle & Tony. Leeds

25/5/16 Kerry & Patricia Milan. Stefford - A lovely occasion.

25/516 G McDougal. Edinburgh. Amazing Lasgne!, Loved the Scallops too.

25/5/16 Aleah Bunning. Vancouver Island. Just delicious , Thank You.

24/5/16 Diane & John Ward Low fell Gateshead. Another excellent meal in pleasant surroundings

24/5/16 Barry & Christine Evans Durham City. Very good scallop special. especially so. Thank You

24/5/16 Kevin & Ann Price Warrington. Excellent meals , well seved, good atmosphere.

24/5/16 Martin & Annette Morrow. Good food and made to feel special as we are on our Honeymoon.

21/5/16 Ron & Claire Rainal, Shropshire. Had a great evening, really friendly service and a great meal many thanks.

19/5/16 Jim & Val Palmer, Cumbria. Great Meal.

19/5/16 Rose Skelton. A lovely meal , Thanks 19/5/16 Michael, Janet Lyke. Herts. Chicken with black pud, Wonderful.

19/5/16 J Banks West Dorset. Excellent food and fantastic service. I would highly recommend,

19/5/16 Mike & sue Bailet, Halesowen. Excellent food and ambiance. Good value, friendly.

18/5/16 Brilliant food and excellent service, we will be back. Paul & sue Murfitt.

17/5/16 All good stuff as per 13/3/16 Many Thanks.

17/5/16 Excellent meal & excellent service. Many Thanks.

17/5/16 Very nice meal. Good service.Thank You.

17/5/16 Enjoyable, great food and service

15/5/16 Realy nice food and service, will reccommend to others , Thanks!

14/5/16 Fab food and atmosphere, Fiona

14/5/16 Excellent cuisine, great service. Helen

13/5/16 Best meal we have had in UK. Bruce & Margaret, Sydney.

13/5/16 Two great evenings, superb food and service-Two hard to please Yorkshire Guys.

13/5/16 Enjoyable evening, Many thanks.

12/5/16 Fantastic place-delicious food, fab staff, will be back, thank you.

10/5/16 Lovely meal, great choice of music, Thank you very much. Shelagh, Pete & Martin. Somerset.

10/5/16 Great Food!

01/10/15 Fantastic Meal! Great Service. Thank You Mark & Marie Maclean, Southhampton.

1/10/15 Most enjoyable meal, Thank You. Jim & Jane Northumberland.

16/9/15 A lovely meal and atmosphere, well done, V Pells.

16/9/15 Fantastic Meals, Excellent Service, we'll be back.

15/9/15 Lovely evening, brilliant place to celebrate a birthday, food so tasty, staff friendly.

12/9/15. My son had a good idea to tell me about this resaurant. Very Good. Fl. Demient. Belgium.

12/9/15 Excellent food, service particularly good - superb.

11/9/15 John & Jan Kilpatrick. Sheffield. Super Food & Service.

26/8/15 Macdonalds of Farnham. Fantastic Meal & Service.

26/8/15 Bonners. Thank You, Lovely Meal, especially the Scallops!.

26/8/15 Gordon Family. Excellent, best food on the Island. 24/8/15 Colin & Lorna. Excellent.

24/8/15 Peter Van de Stott Holland. Great Food!

21/8/15 Delicious food, courteous service & relaxing atmosphere. (Try the Pork Mushrooms, Yummy).

20/9/15 Nous avons bien mange. Visan France.

19/8/15 Salen Lunch Club. Thank you for alovely lunch.

17/8/15 Rick & Mavis Livingstone Cumbria. A taste of Scotland! Excellent!! 14/8/15 Ella Adams. EPIC

13/8/15 Paul & Christine Gibbs. Delicious! Thanks. 6/8/15 Delicious family meal, thank you very much, see you again soon.

6/8/15 So happy to eat some home made meatballs. Nice staff and music. Thank you , So good had to come twice. William France. 23/7/15 Wonderful food and service, Many Thanks

24/7/15 We are also from NL and share the comments above.

26/7/15 Stunning meal once again thanks.

21/7/15 Excellent Meal & Service, Would recommend to all. x 14/7/15 Lovely Meal, Wine, surroundinds ands Staff.

13/7 15 Lovely Meal and service, loved it. Lancashire. 9/7/15 Really good food indeed! C. Maclean

9/7/15 Lovely service, lovely meal!

8/7/15 Fantastic Meal!

7/7/15 Wonderful meal: the food was delicious & and the decor lovely. would definitely come back. Maria & Chris

4/7/15 Ditto, - Vegan too!, Excellent- Dave & Marylyn, Oban.

4/7/15 Very nice, brilliant cooking.

20/6/15 Our first meal & hopefully not our last, with great device & atmosphere, thank you, Marilyn & Maysie

20/6/15 Excellent meal & lovely staff, Thank you

6/6/15 Best place, good atmosphere, friendly staff, good food. What more could you want? Thanks , Jerry & Barbara

4/6/15 Excellent, we have book for friday before we go home. Janet & Chris

3/6/15 Lovely service - Excellent food, Holland.

2/6/15 Very good food, perfect service, Marise & Marien

31/5/15 Great food, lovely service Andy & Muiska

26/5 15 Fab meal, friendly & efficient

25/5/15 Lovely meal in a lovely atmosphere, Thank You D & C Whitley Bay

5/6/15 Busy place, good atmosphere, friendly staff, great food, what more could you want, Thanks , Jerry & Barbara, Lancaster

4/6/15 Excellent, we have booked for Friday before we go home, Janet & Chris. Lancaster

3/6/15 Lovely service, Excellent food, Holland

2/6/15 Very good food, perfect service, Marise & Marlie

31/5/15 Great food, lovely service, Andy & Ashka

29/5/15 Better than remembered, thanks always for excellent and delicious food and best service. Joan and Bob , Maine USA

25/5/15 Lovely meal in a lovely atmosphere, Thank You D & C Whitley Bay

9/5/15 Great food, lovely service. Hannah, Reading. Tutarudi lena kwa Tanzania.

08/5/15 Great Food & Service. Slainte Mhath! Carol Gey- Herts

08/5/15 Totally Yummy food! Excellent service, Thank You Vanessa & Ian. North Yorkshire.

08/5/15 Back again for another delicious meal. As we promised, we did come back. We may be back in 2016. Tony & Mary xx

02/5/15 Delicious food with a first class service. Thank You We will be back. Tony & Fiona. Lancaashire.

01/5/15 Excellent table, Merci.

30/4/15 Excellent Thank You, Gareth Davies

23/4/15 This is already our second home, Thank you for a lovely meal

14/4/15 Keeble Family. Love this place! Thank You xxx

14/4/15 Excellent Soup and Ice Cream.

14/4/15 Lovely food, great waitress, Crosbys Edinburgh

14/4/15 Wonderful !, Ingrid Germany

11/4/15 Fantastic! We'll be back, Paisley Buddies

1/4/15 Balmire, Lancs, Excellent

7/9/14 Lovely fmeal as always + excellent service! Chris Ton & Ewan Banff. Aberdeenshire.

4/9/14 Absolutely Awesome, Stephanie & simon Canada

4/9/14 Just Lovely, everytime. Mackie, England

3/9/14 Excellent - Highly recommended Gisby Glos.

3/9/14 Great food and atmosphere! would recommend it! Aberdeen.

3/9/14 Warm welcome, delicious, a nice meal TK France.

3/9/14 Lovely food - great staff, thank you, Lydbrook Bond.

30/8/14 Lovely Restaurant. Thank You. HB Belfast.

25/8/14 The best meal of our holiday. Great tasting food and a very pleasant atmosphere. Peter and Sheila, Hertfordshire

21/8/14 Fabulous food great atmosphere. Staff wonderful. Awards clearly deserrved. Trevor and Shona England

19/8/14 Delicious! Thank you so much for great food and service. Lisa and Pisie

18/8/14 Fab, service excellent. Peter and Linda Marli

18/8/14 Excellent meal with first class service, well done! Bill & Maggie Murchie

16/8/14 Excellent Thanks Maelegus Family

13/8/14 Wonderful service, fantastic food. What more could you need, Many thanks L. B and A+C hayzell

8/8/14 Beatiful meal, M Eastwood. Stirling

6/8/14 Brilliant Staff, Derren Denett MBE.

3/8/14 Really enjoyed our meal. Great atmosphere Thank You. Sue, Hexham

3/8/14 Lovely meal Thank You very much! Excellent service and atmosphere.

1/8/14 We have eaten twice here this week and both meals have been excellent and service great. Nelson Rd ,Leigh on Sea, Essex

1/8/14 Very Nice, The L Family , Yorkshire

1/8/14 Delightful meal, attentive staff, thank you very much. Hebridean Gardens Crieff Pertshire

29/7/14 Enjoyed the meal, Grace & Anais excellent,had a wonderful meal and a great time, absolute pleasure tobe served by them both

26/7/14 Really enjoyed our vist thanks to the cheery staff, Hugo B. Spain

25/7/14 After a lovely day we enjoyed a fantastic meal. MS

23/7/14 Great Food, Lovely Service. We will be back! ! Ray Cope Northumberland

21/7/14 A Great Meal Thanks PD.

21/7/14 Michael & Becky, Very Tasty

21/7/14 Thank you for a wonderful evening in your restaurant. Conrad et al.

21/7/14 Hey thee ajskrim wos vege nags.

21/7/14 The easiest way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Brian Davenport, Ellie, Bruce, Laila

16/7/14 Came in on the 16th, left on the 17th Janet and the gang Birthday Girl. It was amazing food and Anais put up with us, Thank you so much, she was brilliant.

16/7/14 Lovely start to our holiday. Beautiful deliious food and charming staff. we hope we will return one day!. Andersons Dumfries

14/7/14 Thanks for a deiicious meal & charming Waitress and although we were late, we got served nice food. RF. Switzerland

11/7/14 Terrific food and lovely people! Thank You. Sara Gewdon, Paul Parfetti Bostom Ma.

3/7/14 Great Pannacotta! and very nice staff! Thank you. B. Gilbert Edinburgh.

3/7/14 Thank you for everything. After a beautiful day and then eating by you is a party, Theo wilks Holland.

2/7/14 Lovely ambiance + meal, Thanks R+G Elgin Moray

29/6/14 Fabulous meal Thank you- St Annes on Sea

28/6/14 Great Meal Thank You! Emily Leigh -Avis +David Avis Newcastle/ Essex

26/6/14 Lovely Thank You. Valerie & Neil Vetil Northumberland

25/6/14 Excellent meal and service two days running. Marian & John. Hertfordshire

21/6/14 Just lovely TX Mark & Stacy N. Yorks

15/6/14 Second visit in 2 days, lovely food, friendly service & nice atmosphere, J & V Long Falmouth.

12/6/14 As nice as last year! Thank You Sue & john Derby.

11/6/14 Super will return, Jim MacTee, Aberdeenshire Scotland

6/6/14 The Banks, Bedford, Really enjoyed our meal, Thank You

4/6/14 Robinsons suffolk, Best meal all week, delicious fish stew

30/5/14 Haywards, Torlochen & London , Excellent

11/5/14 Bob Davy Marlow, Fab as always xxx

11/5/14 Y & G Booth, Kings Meaburn, Beautiful, Thank You

11/5/14 Snowytops (8) Great night, lovely food, Thanks

6/5/14 Ruth & David Bolton, Liz & Dave Hart, Thoroughly enjoyed the food and atmosphere, Thank you.

3/5/14 Steve Rown, Excellent

3/5/14 Shana & John Murray, amazing as always

3/5/14 Very Good, Tanya Armitage

1/5/14 Excellent service, Lori wilson

30/4/14 Good night!, Carmichael Squad

30/4/14 Lovely meal, Audrey & Neal Armstrong

30/4/14 Lovely food , Thank you, Aire & Meriel

29/4/14 Beatiful food, friendly service, Thank you G & A Gass

24/4/14 Great friendly service and delicious food, Thanks Rennie and Susan Glasgow

17/4/14 Sumptuous food and great service, Steve, Tobermorry

16/4/14 Table of 8, excellent for all, Thanks

10/4/14 Fantastic lovely food and service as usual, Tony and family

9/4/14 Great service, great food, Rob, Perth, Scotland

10/4/14 Great food and very friendly service, Harrison family, Teeside

10/4/14 Fantastic, lovely food and service as usual, Tony and family

17/4/14 Scrumpious food and great service, Steve and Cindy, Tobermorry

23/4/14 Lovely spot and great food, Ottawa Canada

24/4/14 Great friendly service and delicious food, thanks, Rennie and Susan Glasgow

28/08/13 Fantastic Food & Excellent Service! Special Birthday! Bowers family, Stalybridge

05.09.13          Delicious meal, excellent friendly service, Melbourne, Australia

  07.09.13          Cannot believe how young and capable the staff are; just 3!!! Thank you much appreciated. The Treadwells, Beaconsfield, Bucks

  12.09.13          Great food, brilliant service, a very special night for Mum’s 80th and Thank you Brendan for the lovely Bubbly!

  14.09.13          Wonderful find!! Fresh food and exceptionally well cooked and tasty.

  15.09.13          Delicious meal & very friendly staff, will done, we’ll recommend you!

  20.09.13          A very enjoyable meal, so different & excellently cooked.

  24.09.13          Great smoked Haddock, Again!! Jones of London

  29.09.13          Fantastic food – What a surprise to find such a great Italian Restaurant on Mull!

  02.10.13          Fantastic food, Portlock’s, Bristol

  03.10.13          Great food & superb service!, Steve & Ruth, Kilmelford

26/08/13 Best pasta in the UK! Khiman family, London

25/08/13 Beautiful food, thank you very much! Brilliant service, David & Lorraine

23/08/13 Absolutely FABULOUS food, service, atmosphere all amazing. Paula, Redcar, Cleveland

23/08/13 Excellent food, fresh ingredients & knowledgeable & accommodating staff, well worth a visit, Mary, Ireland

22/08/13 Fabulous meal, thank you, marked the end of a really great week diving. Good celebration for a new National Instructor! Thank you for taking photos, being so patient for the gorgeous children amongst us and for lovely food, and wine & excellent service!! PLOUSAC

19/08/13 Totally agree with the Watson’s, Wright, Manchester

16/08/13 Excellent service and food it was amazing, Jon Watson, Kirkintilloch

16/08/13 So nice we came twice! Crossett/Peer.

07/08/13 Super food, super staff, you will enjoy!! Gary & Jemma, Livingston

06/08/13 Only called in for desert – wished we’d also come for main course & starter! Many Thanks!

04/08/13 Fantastic food – made us think we were in Italy.

02/08/13 Last day of our holiday & we find this, Delicious food, good service, BRILLIANT!!! Stichlands, Co Durham

28/07/13 My favourite – Amaretto Affo Gatio Wow! Try it!

26/07/13 Wow! If only I could make Pasta taste like that, Will highly recommend.

13/07/13 Friendly excellent service, nice ambience, Ramish, Newcastle upon Tyne

03/07/13 Delicious food – thank you, Very Italian as it should be, Perfect pasta. Diana & friends, Australia

27/06/13 The food stays as good as ever – wonderful & the staff so pleasant & helpful. Great food & great service, made the holiday Martens, Cumbria

26/06/13 Great service, delicious food! Lovely Restaurant! Leanne & Robin

24/06/13 Delicious as always, Compliments to the Chef, Hope to see you next year. Gillian & Hugh Stewart, Fife

14/06/13 Fantastic food & Venue, Thank you!! Salen Chicks

13/06/13 Excellent meal, friendly efficient Staff and 3 wonderful, relaxed evenings – Thank you,

Janet (Perth) & Lesley (Cambridge) 13/06/13 Lovely Food and Super Restaurant! A ‘Wee Gem’! Simon & Laura, Chester

06/06/13 Brought a group from wildlife Tour, Great food and excellent service from Celia, Thanks

03/06/13 Great Food, Great Portions!, See you again... C & H, London

03/06/13 Excellent Food, Excellent Service, Ribble Bird Tours, Blackpool

27/05/13 Thank you for the food, sweets and letting us Blow out the Candles, Thank you from Scott, Lisa, Georgia, and Bertie. Derby.

27/05/13 Wonderful fresh Food & Cheery Service, Andy & Alexis, Brixham.

23/05/13 Fantastic!!! Great Service & Lovely Food !!! Thanks

20/05/13 Another fantastic meal in lovely surroundings, Thank you ! John & Diane, Gateshead

17/05/13 I wish Rachel lived near Southampton, Fan Dabby Dosey!

17/05/13 Wonderful meal, Wish we lived here to eat here every day.

12/05/13 Ottima la cena! Buona, Anzi Fantastica Direi!, Flavio & Annalisa, Milan (Great the Dinner!, Good, Actual Fantastic!!)

6.5.2013 Lovely food & excellent friendly service! Linlithgow.

27.4.2013 So nice we ate here two nights in a row! – Make that three! Laura & Paul, Falkirk

26.4.2013 Excellent and a Pudding, from a Coeliac!

25.4.2013 We walked in and had a delicious meal, Mille Grazie, Bev & Mike, WASH D.C. USA

25.4.2013 Very, very enjoyable! From Yorkshire man and a Lancastrian!

17.4.2013 Absolutely fabulous fish stew, Many thanks, Cheshire

5.4.2013 Utterly delicious food – outstanding! I give it 1000 out of 10, (Loved the Tagliatelle, Katie 10) The Hardy’s, Yorkshire

18.10.2012 Great meal will be back next year. Graham, Linda, Nicky & Moo, York

14.10.2012 Absolutely fantastic, pity we have to wait 12 months, Kate & Rik, Huddersfield

4.10.2012 Wow! Fantastic flavours – Excellent meal. Thank you! Richard & Susan Palmer, Oxford

3.10.2012 Fantastic Meal, Tiramisu to Die For!! Jenny & Steve, Wakefield, W Yorks

20.9.2012 Delicious & Lovely atmosphere, Loved the Music, Giulia Pepe & Ryan Gurr, London & Victoria Canada

13.9.2012 Another excellent meal and thoroughly good evening, Many Thanks, Isle of Mull MCC Members x 20

4.9.2012 This is the third year in a row that we have had an incredible meal here, In today’s economy, (any economy) This is an incredibly hard thing to do, unless of course it’s easy for you.... Keep up the art & thank you for a really nice yearly Birthday Dinner... Barnard & David

26/8/12 Terrific! Thanks. The Stevens Family.

25/8/12 Lovely food, lovely service. Liked it so much we came back again. The Dando Family.

24/8/12 Delicious food in beautiful surroundings. Matthew, Greg & Claire Mellor, Cambridge.

21/8/12 Tot molt bo com la ille de Mull, un fantastic. Gràcies. Tom I familia. Barcelona, Catalonia.

20/8/12 Mangiato una buona carbonara. Grazzie mille. Pietro Borgiano.

18/8/12 We’re so glad we came – the food is fantastic. Martha & Eric Collins.

16/8/12 Amazing food – Thank you so much. Will be back next week. Lynne, Mull.

16/8/12 We’ve had 2 weeks of sunshine and enjoyed 3 meals at the Mediterranea. Fab, fantastic. Thank you. Fran & Steve Ashbourne.

15/8/12 We loved the food, desert and atmosphere! Thank you and compliments to the chef and staff! You have made a memorable evening on Mull for us. Katherine Scheib & Family, Niskayuna, NY.

14/8/12 Brilliant food! Second time eating here - thank you very much. Yvonne x

10/8/12 Lovely meal, lovely waitress. The Fishers, Cumbria.

8/8/12 Delicious food and a lovely welcome, thank you. James, Catriona & Elspeth. Pickering, South Wales & London.

8/8/12 Great service, great food and an overall fantastic evening. Liz, Keith & James Watson, Rugby, Warwickshire.

4/9/11 "Thanks you for a lovely birthday meal. Delicious!" Joe and Kylie.

7/9/11 "Truly superb food - totally authentic - best gnochi I've ever eaten! Love the Italian job depiction on the chimney breast".

7/9/11 "Wow! superb meal. Couldn't  fault it - see you in two days!"

3-9/9/11 "Based our holiday in Mull knowing we would have a wonderful meal at The Mediterranea each night. Superb!"

17/08/11 "Great hand with the spices, everything was delicious". Graci, Barb and Dave from New Hampshire USA.

29/08/11 "Very enjoyable and tasty. Thank you. Aye and the coffee is braw!". Jane and John Nodelings, Finophort.

16/08/11  "A wonderful evening with a worm welcome, delicious food and lovely service, many thanks!". The Mackeans from Bath.

03/08/11 "Robin your dishes were excellet the best we have tasted on Mull. 5 stars!". Val and Stuart McLean.

The Wrights "Gorgeous meal - ice cream to die for and everything was lovely. Excellent service too". 2/8/2011 Jill, Timo, Jens and Camile. "We have travelled from Lands End to John -O'groats and from Colchester to Aberystwyth and here it is - the best Italian restaurant in the British Isles!" 02/08/2011.

David and Karen King. "Thank you very much... Best meal in Scotland - Scallops and fruit meringue were outstanding!".

Emmanuel and Hannah Doit "So delicious! lovely food, great atmosphere, especially the singing chef". 22/07/11

Susan and Jimmi, Glasgow. "Fantastic! Best food on Mull (and thats including the 9th Wave)". 22/7/11

Sue and Amy Keys, Jane Chris and Jim Gerrard. "Fantastic food, great atmosphere as ever, see you again next year". 29/7/11

Gordon Kuster. "I need that Arancini recipe!!". 20/7/11

17/6/11  "Beautiful mussels and scallops. Better than Australia!"  Heather.

25/6/11 "Excellent, Mucho Bueno!"

2/7/11 "Best Italian food since I was in Sicily in 1969!!" Nick Tame.

2/7/11 "Great! Fantastic veggie options  and thats from a confirmed carnivore" Freddie Johnson, Edinburgh.

2nd June Penny & Sue Bayview, Lochdon. As ever – food great, service excellent - had a wonderful time – as usual :)

3rd June The Robinsons Aros Mains. Brilliant food and atmosphere, will certainly come again for more delicious dining

3rd June The Richardsons . Rawtenstall, Lancs Really yummy! Thank you :)

3rd June Carol and Michael Lovely meal – the pork was really full of Hampshire flavour. Thank you

5th June W & A Borthwick Dumfries-shire. Superb food. Such wonderfully friendly staff. Thank you so very much

7th June Maureen O'Connor. Stirling. Oh My Goodness! Excellent

10th June Dan & Jenny. co Durham. Excellent. Will be back.

11th June John and Marion Davies . Auchtermuchty. Great food.

12th June Tim, Sheila, Rebecca. Viewmount, Tobermory. Excellent.

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